Charlotte Kalla ansluter sig till Idrottsuppropet #fairplay!

Charlotte Kalla ansluter sig till Idrottsuppropet #fairplay! Idrottsuppropet #fairplay växer för varje dag och hittills har 81 idrottsprofiler, 151 föreningar och 3 förbund anslutit sig.

Den 2 januari anslöt sig Charlotte Kalla till uppropet och den 3 januari anslöt sig Henrik Harlaut, slopestylelandslaget och ett av Sveriges största medaljhopp i OS. Även flera bandyprofiler har anslutit sig, bland andra Ola Fredriksson. Göteborgs Fotbollsförbund, Smålands Ishockeyförbund, IF Elfsborg och Jönköpings Innebandyklubb har anslutit sig till uppropet. 

Tranås kommun är den kommun där flest föreningar har anslutit sig. 

Uppropet kommer att pågå under hela januari månad och i mitten av februari överlämnar vi det till statsminister Stefan Löfven och idrottsminister Annika Strandhäll. Information om överlämningsdatum och själva överlämningen kommer så småningom. 

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The Swedish Sports Federation and The Swedish Trade Union Confederation “LO” are working together to show how sports can contribute by emphasizing the sports movements’ participation in supporting human rights and fair treatment.

At all levels within the Swedish sports community, from the youngest youth team members to the national teams we often speak about fair play, in other words honest and clean play. Based on the above we would like to raise our voices and say: we think that the inhumane treatment of unaccompanied minors an young asylum seekers is neither honest nor built on fair play.

When the new immigration laws were put into place in the summer of 2016 the idea was that unaccompanied minors would be exempt from the strict/tough laws. The government was basically in agreement about that. Since many unaccompanied minors have had to wait several years for their asylum decisions many have turned 18 or had their ages changed to over 18 – and suddenly the rules of the game were changed during play.

This is not the way to do things. This is as far from fair treatment and fair play that you can get. That these are minors and young asylum seekers that often are already traumatized and have been through many horrible things during their journey to safety means that the entire process ends up even further from that which we Swedes are used to – fair play and fair treatment. To let a minor that came alone to Sweden and has experienced horrible things wait for several years without knowing what will happen is in our opinion inhumane. These minors have during these years done everything that they can with the situation and many have worked towards learning Swedish well, attending school and establishing a network of contacts. When they turn 18 or have their age changed upwards they are forced from their county of residence to one of the migration authority’s large facilities while waiting for the decision. They then lose the security that they have built up during the long wait and find themselves again alone.

Is it reasonable to let minors and young and vulnerable asylum seekers live with adults in adult facilities where everyone is frustrated and anything can happen? Is it reasonable to have minors wait several years for a decision? Is it fair after this treatment to throw them out to an unsecure and uncertain future? We think that they should get to stay and contribute to building up our country. Among these minors, that have fought so long for their lives, are up and coming national teammates, up and coming presidents of big corporations, and maybe members of parliament. Stop deportations now! Let all unaccompanied minors who arrived before the changes of the rules in the summer of 2016 stay!


Yrkes- och volontärnätverket #vistårinteut består av drygt 9500 professionella och volontärer som som på ett eller annat sätt möter, arbetar med och är engagerade i gruppen ensamkommande barn och ungdomar. Vi jobbar bland annat i skolan, på HVB- hem, inom socialtjänst, psykiatri, vård eller i familjehem. Många av oss har mångårig erfarenhet av att arbeta med och möta gruppen ensamkommande. Vår Facebooksida följs och gillas av mer än 70 000 personer. 

Talespersoner/contact #vistårinteut
Kinna Skoglund +4670 – 849 47 32
Sara Edvardson Ehrnborg +4673 – 396 94 18

#vistårinteut ser ensamkommande barn och ungdomar som bärare av rättigheter enligt barnkonventionen och mänskliga rättigheter. 

Vi kräver:

1. Att stat och kommuner omedelbart stoppar omflyttningarna av ensamkommande barn och unga som befinner sig i asylprocess, i suicidpreventivt syfte.

2. Att Migrationsverket fryser alla utvisningar för ensamkommande barn och unga omedelbart utifrån den rättsosäkerhet och brist på kunskap om barnperspektivet som råder på Migrationsverket.

3. Att våra politiker tar beslut om amnesti för alla ensamkommande barn och unga som varit i Sverige mer än ett år.

The network #vistårinteut, ”We can’t stand this”, was jumpstarted eleven months ago by 9500 teachers, psychologists, social workers, lawyers, nurses, aid workers, voluntary families and many more. We have more than 70 000 persons agreeing with us by liking and following our Facebook page.

The movement #vistårinteut demands

1. That the Swedish Migration Agency immediately freezes all deportations of all unaccompanied minors and youth due to the legal uncertainty and lack of knowledge of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) which currently is predominant at the Swedish Migration Agency

2. That our politicians grant a refugee amnesty giving asylum to all children and youth who have been in Sweden for more than a year

3. That the state and local governments immediately stop the relocation within Sweden of thousands of unaccompanied minors and youth during their asylum process as a mean to prevent more suicides in Sweden by young refugees

We are not politically affiliated to any political party and we are not affiliated to any religious group.