Witness from civil society


Today, the last residence permit application has been submitted for F. What a trip this is has been. For 5 years now I have been battling with tooth and nail for unaccompanied young refugees (under 18 years old). My whole family has been involved and we have been living in a state of emergency. Our confidence that the Swedish Authorities will make the right decisions has been eroded. Our belief in the political parties we have supported since ancient times has completely crashed. We are without political representation, each election is a torment, the only choice being to vote strategically but without conviction.

Then why do we do this? Why haven’t we just invested in ourselves?

It is not because these young people are smarter than other young people, it is not because they are better than other young people. They are just like all young people, they make fools of themselves, they know best themselves, some are sometimes unpleasant, they think they are the center of the universe, sometimes completely hopeless. But like all young people they are in the process of growing up. What they go through will affect the rest of their lives. Turning your back on a youngster could in the long run create a war, or similar violence . We adults have a responsibility to ensure that young people retain hope, that they feel they are valuable regardless of their origin.

We do this just as much for our own sakes, as a Sweden with a growing shadow society is not a country that we want our children to take responsibility for in the future.. It is bad enough that they have to take over our trashed environment.